Thursday, October 4, 2012


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Organizer (OCDO). I am first to admit it...I love to organize.

I think it is a trait I picked up from my father. He was known to throw out homework if it was left sitting on the kitchen table.  Although, I wouldn't go as far as alphabetizing my CD's or DVD's (ehm! you know who you are).

My OCDO has proven to be very helpful when say...packing to leave the country. The past two days, I packed one bag which will be sent via cargo next week. Lucky bastard gets to be in America before me.

Today, a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) arranged a ride to my village and picked out all the items she wanted to take to her home, in a neighboring city (she has one year left of her service). She is now the owner of an almost new oven, fan, kitchen items, clothing and various other items. It was nice to part ways with these things, but also becoming more real the small amount of time I have left.

Grace and her host brother...goodbye stuff
Grace and I
I then sat down and organized my jewelry to give as gifts to all the women teachers at my school. A few days ago I went mad-hatter crazy and folded about 30 paper boxes from greeting cards. Today, I decided who should get what, and wrapped each box with a red ribbon along with a name tag.

Organizing magic in action 
Final product

Ready to take to school

Before going to my neighbors for supper, I put together two gifts for her daughters. I filled empty candy bags with a mini notebook, pencil, eraser, and stickers.

Final product!

I arrived at Narmina's and was promptly served tea and fed. After 10 minutes at her home a man, from across the yard, was asking for me. It turned out to be the postman's son delivering my mail. Apparently he had gone to my home and was told I was guesting at the neighbors. It is proof of how I am carefully watched every time I step outside my door. It can be a blessing and a curse to always be under a watchful eye.

The package was filled with gifts I will hand to my close friends. Thanks to my mother for the sewing the mitts! Before leaving I was given 4 eggs fresh from the chicken coop, a cake, onions, and a handful of candy. This is a gesture of this culture I am going to miss. I was careful to walk home with 4 eggs in my backpack.

I was greeted by this little guy, Jerry

Aynura with her gift

Rahida carefully inspecting her new stickers
The oven mitts sewn by my mother 

Thanks Mom! 

Jerry the puppy

I leave you with cuteness

This about summarizes today. Everyday I wake up not knowing what my day has in store for me. This is the thrill of being in Peace Corps. We will see what tomorrow brings...

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