Monday, September 10, 2012

Host Family Visit

Today I went to visit my host family. I don't get there very often, but every time I go I ask "Why don't I come over here more often?" Although, this summer I wasn't around much. I was busy travelling the country. My host mother always looks tired as she is younger then me, has three children (the youngest has special needs) and she doesn't have much help around the house. She is always nice to talk to and is one of the few people who understands my quirky behaviors...The reason I am a "vegetarian" only in the village, my need for alone time, and my motivation for coming across the world to work for free.

I arrived and caught up on our lives. Ate dinner with the family, drew with my host brother and sister, and played with my little host sister until she fell asleep in my embrace. Instead of writing about my guesting, I will just show pictures of my afternoon before getting caught in a rain storm on my way home.

My host brother, Tacir

Host siblings. Yes, I made them pose for this picture.

Where I spent a large portion of my time my first winter when living with them. We all would sit around in this one room since it was the only room with the wood stove.

Host sister, Tama drawing me a self-portrait. 

Me!...and Tama spelled my name correctly!

Tacir cleverly covering my name to pose with my picture.

This gets me every time. So, I taught Tacir how to make the paper folding boxes two years ago (you know where you fold them, then blow into the corner and it creates a box). I showed him once and he still remembers. He is a such a smart kid.

I drew a self-portrait of Tacir. Here he is posing with it.

My little host sister, Nunay right before falling asleep.

Host mother, Gunay

On my walk home, in the rain, after my great evening with my host family. I filled up my drinking water container since it was on the way home. 

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